Your Pup’s Home Away From Home at McKinney’s Luxury Pet Resort

Our Mission

To provide a trusted source for pet care where each guest is valued, loved and treated as our own.

Our Values

  • We value our guests above all and hold their health and safety as paramount. This is the measure by which we determine our success.
  • We value our pet parents and the trust they have gifted us. We will never break this trust. We know that our guests are unable to care for themselves, and we will work tirelessly to ensure they have everything they need to feel loved and comfortable at all times. We will always operate honestly and with integrity, acting in the best interest of our guests at all times.
  • We value employees with an unfailing desire to learn and improve. We love for our employees to seek out opportunities for education and growth in order to better serve our guests.
  • We value our employees and desire to help them meet their goals, both personal and professional.
    We value a fun atmosphere! Our guests sense it and our employees deserve it.
  • We value respect. We will treat each other, our pet parents and our guests with the same level of respect we desire in return.
  • We value honesty and integrity. We will be always truthful with each other and our pet parents. We understand that sometimes things don’t go 100% according to plan, and when that happens, we will meet the situation with honesty and work out a resolution with grace.
  • We value our pet parents’ time. We desire to make pet parent’s lives as easy as possible. We would like to do whatever we can to alleviate stress from our pet parents and welcome the opportunity to serve.
  • Because our guests communicate differently, we value the opportunity to listen and pay close attention to our guests so as to be able to read their communication and meet their needs.

About the Owners


Denise has a degree in Accounting and worked in IT supporting global finance organizations for 25 years. Because of her great love for animals, she dreamt of opening a pet resort. Not just any pet resort, but one where she could ensure her guests were loved on and treated like family.

For just about three years, Denise studied canine behavior, attended industry conferences, completed certification programs, and worked in various pet resorts locally. She even became a certified Pet First Aid and CPR instructor.

In 2023, she was able to fulfill her dream by purchasing Woodland Park Pet Resort in McKinney, TX. Woodland Park had been in business for over 20 years and operated with integrity, and in the best interest of their guests at all times. The prior owner and Denise aligned on so many things, it seemed a natural next step that Denise should purchase this amazing resort.
She plans to take the experience from the last 20 years and grow the resort so as to serve pet parents even better.


Shawn has a great love of dogs, which is good because Denise seems to come home with them often. Growing up with dogs, Shawn’s first dog of his own was his beloved Samson, a German Shepherd.

Shawn is a natural-born dog trainer, though he does not do this professionally. Shawn served his country proudly in the US Navy before taking up a career in IT. He has worked for various government agencies over the years and is currently employed by a local defense contractor here in McKinney.

When he’s not working his day job, you’ll see him around the resort as Denise has appointed him head of maintenance and all things that need fixing.


Connor adores taking care of and playing with animals. He is always happy to lend a hand and help out when needed. You can find him escorting guests to and from their suites, helping out with bathing or entertaining your pups. Connor has also been appointed chief lawn maintenance man, so if you see him around the property, feel free to say hi!


Tyler’s love of animals is as strong as his mother’s. When not in school, you will find Tyler entertaining our guests. He is happy to play a game of fetch, snuggle, or engage in another activity our guests will enjoy.


Noah is a Frenchie and the face of Fetch Me Later. He is a bundle of energy and amusement.

He LOVES swimming with us, which is so nice because he can spend time outside with us in the summer! When he is not swimming, you can find him chasing Cody or napping.


Cody was adopted from the Collin County Animal Shelter one Saturday morning. We were not planning to add to our family, but when we saw his sweet face staring back at us, we knew he had to be a McGough!

Cody is a giant teddy bear and he loves his little buddy Noah. We all have our own guesses as to his breed, but Denise is betting on a German Shepherd and mastiff mix.


Luna was a rescue from Rescue Row and she is a whippet mix. This girl can run fast! Denise takes her on bike rides and can hardly keep up!

Luna believes herself to be a human as she sleeps in bed with Tyler; under the covers with her head on the pillow. Don’t break the news to her of her canine ancestry.

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