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Check-In and Check-Out

Much like a hotel for our human friends, Fetch Me Later has set check-in and check-out times. At all times, we will do our best to accommodate early check-in and late checkout requests, however, there is no guarantee of suite availability. In some cases, guests arriving early, or checking out late may spend their extra time resting in a crate in between outside play times.

Normal check-in time is 1pm
Normal check-out time is 12 noon.

Guests checking in prior to 1pm will be charged an additional fee of $15.

Guests checking out after 12 noon will be charged an additional fee of $15.

Guests not checked out by closing time on the day of departure will need to pay for an additional night of boarding and be checked out the next day. Additionally, there will be a charge of one bedtime potty walk if suite boarding is not available. We will do our very best to keep guests in their suites until parents pick them up, however, please understand that during the holiday and summer times when we are sold out, if guests are not picked up on the scheduled day of departure, they will most likely need to be moved to a portable kennel and therefore require additional breaks.


We welcome families to bring as much or as little as they’d like to ensure their pups have the most comfortable stay.

Want to make it easy on yourself and pack nothing? We can accommodate this! Each of our suites is furnished with a Kuranda Cot so our guests can sleep comfortably off the ground. We are happy to provide blankets and extra touches as guests seem to desire. If our guests seem chilly, we will ensure they have cozy bedding to tuck into. All bedding and cots are sanitized and fresh prior to your pup’s stay.

Some families prefer to bring all their pups favorites from home. Please feel free to do so; we will happily accommodate you! Guests are welcome to bring anything with them that they would like. They can bring toys, blankets, stuffies, pictures… you name it!

Whatever your preference, we will make sure our guests are comfy and enjoying their temperature-controlled suite in style.

We will wash bedding and toys brought from home to the extent reasonable. We will always be as careful as possible to keep belongings in great shape, however, we cannot accept responsibility for items that may be damaged during your pup’s stay.

Feeding & Treats

We encourage pet families to pack food from home for our guests. This helps our guests maintain their regular diet and can help ease anxiety. We are happy to accommodate feeding instructions provided by pet parents. However, if this is not the preference of the family, we are happy to provide our house dog food for an additional fee based on weight. 

< 20 lbs
$3 per day
21 < 50 lbs
$5 per day
51 < 85 lbs
$7 per day
> 85 lbs
$10 per day

We love to treat our guests to cookies before bed and goodies for awesome behavior.

Also, if some guests are not eating as much as they would at home, we will sometimes add yogurt, broth, veggies, or canned dog food to the provided food just to entice our guests to eat up.

Pet parents should inform Fetch Me Later of any dietary restrictions for our guests, so they can be accommodated.

Bring Your Healthy Pup for a Stay

Fetch Me Later is a well-care facility, meaning that we require our guests to be in reasonably good health.

Read all our health guidelines and vaccination requirements.

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