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Let your furry friend enjoy a pet boarding experience like no other. 

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All Suites Include

  • Comfortable Kuranda beds
  • Cozy blankets
  • Toys
  • Dog Treats
  • Fresh chilled water is always available
  • Medication administered if needed
  • 5+ yard play times daily, either alone or with friends, depending on each guests’ preferences

Indoor/Outdoor Patio Suites

Room: 5ft x 7ft, Patio: 5ft x 6ft

Dog on outdoor patio

Patio Suites were designed with the slightly more active housedog in mind.

The interior is finished in residential styling with tile floors, decorated walls, and a glass entry door.

The patio is concrete with brick privacy walls between neighboring patios. 24-hour access to the patio is through a transparent flap-style doggie door.

Five trips to the play yard are included each day. Adjoining suites are available.

Indoor Pool View Suites

Room: 5ft x 11ft

Black Lab in pool

Indoor Suites are great for the dog who requires a little more privacy or who just doesn’t have as much interest in the great outdoors.

These spacious rooms are also finished in residential styling with tile floors, decorated walls and a glass entry door.

Each Indoor Suite is furnished with a color TV and has a full-length window with a pool view.

Five trips to the play yard are included each day, plus an additional 10pm Bedtime Walk. Adjoining suites are available.

Indoor/Outdoor Standard Suites

Standard: inside 4ft x 5ft | outside 4ft x 15ft 

Giant: inside 7ft x 5ft | outside 7ft x 15ft

Dog playing fetch

Dogs with slightly less refined taste and an elevated activity level tend to prefer the indoor/outdoor dog run environment.

The interior is slightly smaller and the exterior is considerably larger than that of the Patio Suite.

These suites are priced with five trips to the play yard included and additional activities are available upon request.

Cat Room

Orange cat at cat boarding

Feline guests have their own separate room with cage-free boarding. There are usually cats from multiple families sharing this area. This room is everything a cat could ever dream of!

Lots of cozy cubbies and soft beds, scratching posts, and climbing trees will ensure that your feline companion will feel right at home. Two windows overlook the front porch where our guests can be entertained by the local birds, squirrels and rabbits as well as guests coming and going.

Accommodations in the cat room are priced at $28 per night. Pet parents boarding more than three cats will receive a 10% discount.


Indoor/Outdoor Patio Suite

One Dog
$ 65.00 per night
Two Dogs
$ 115.00 per night
Three Dogs
$ 155.00 per night

Indoor/Outdoor Standard Suite

One Dog
$ 58.00 per night
Two Dogs
$ 101.00 per night

Indoor Pool View Suite

One Dog
$ 65.00 per night
Two Dogs
$ 115.00 per night
Three Dogs
$ 155.00 per night

Indoor/Outdoor Giant Suite

One Dog
$ 63.00 per night
Two Dogs
$ 111.00 per night

Cat Room

$ 28.00 per night
Pet parents boarding more than three cats will receive a 10% discount.


Fetch Me Later wishes to honor military and first responders by offering a 15% discount on boarding. We are grateful for your service and are honored to serve you.

Stays of 14 nights or longer will receive 10% off boarding.

Guests staying three nights or longer will receive a complementary bath on evening of departure.


Add-on services are a great way to show your pup a little extra love and customize their stay as much as you’d like. Below are some of our offerings, however, if there is something else you think your pup would enjoy, just let us know!

1:1 individual play

This is your pup’s time, and we will entertain them however they’d please. This could be playing a game of fetch, frisbee, soccer, nature walk, cuddle time… anything our guests enjoy!

Bedtime potty break for non-indoor suites

For guests staying in our indoor/outdoor suites, we have an optional bedtime potty walk before they are tucked in for the night.

(Guests staying in indoor suites have a bedtime potty included at 10pm.)

Daily photo sent electronically to pet parents
Stuffed Kong
Licky Mat

(Great anxiety soother!)

Ice Cream
Pool Time

What is better than a refreshing splash in the pool on a warm summer’s day? (Or even cold day for some of our friends!)

Bedtime Relaxation Package
CBD cookies, lavender pillow spray, happy blankets

Payments & Deposits

Fetch Me Later is happy to accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We do not accept checks. Cash is welcome for tips only.

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required on boarding reservations of 14 days or more

  • Payment in full is required on boarding reservations during holiday and spring break weeks

Deposits will be refunded if the following two conditions are met:

  1. Reservation is cancelled in writing a minimum of seven (7) days prior to your arrival date
  2. We can fill the reservation from our waitlist or by other means

Bring Your Healthy Pup for a Stay

Fetch Me Later is a well-care facility, meaning that we require our guests to be in reasonably good health.

Read all our health guidelines and vaccination requirements.

Happy dog

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