Our Mission

To provide a trusted source for pet care where each guest is valued, loved and treated as our own.

Our Values

  • We value our guests above all and hold their health and safety as paramount. This is the measure by which we determine our success.
  • We value our pet parents and the trust they have gifted us. We will never break this trust. We know that our guests are unable to care for themselves, and we will work tirelessly to ensure they have everything they need to feel loved and comfortable at all times. We will always operate honestly and with integrity, acting in the best interest of our guests at all times.
  • We value employees with an unfailing desire to learn and improve. We love for our employees to seek out opportunities for education and growth in order to better serve our guests.
  • We value our employees and desire to help them meet their goals, both personal and professional.
    We value a fun atmosphere! Our guests sense it and our employees deserve it.
  • We value respect. We will treat each other, our pet parents and our guests with the same level of respect we desire in return.
  • We value honesty and integrity. We will be always truthful with each other and our pet parents. We understand that sometimes things don’t go 100% according to plan, and when that happens, we will meet the situation with honesty and work out a resolution with grace.
  • We value our pet parents’ time. We desire to make pet parent’s lives as easy as possible. We would like to do whatever we can to alleviate stress from our pet parents and welcome the opportunity to serve.
  • Because our guests communicate differently, we value the opportunity to listen and pay close attention to our guests so as to be able to read their communication and meet their needs.

Business Policies

Hours of Operation

• Our lobby is open and our front office staff is available for pick up and drop off Monday – Friday from 8am – 5:30pm and on Saturdays from 8am to noon. Our lobby is closed on Sundays and holidays.
• Fetch Me Later observes the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Check-In and Check-Out Times

Much like a hotel for our human friends, Fetch Me Later has set check-in and check-out times. We normally can accommodate early check-ins and late checkouts, however there is no guarantee of suite availability. During the busiest times, when we are fully booked, guests arriving early, or checking out late may spend their extra time resting in a crate in between outside play times.

Normal check-in time is 1pm
Normally check-out time is 12 pm.

Guests arriving prior to 1pm will be charged an additional fee of $15.
Guests not checked out by 1pm will be charged an additional fee of $15.

**Saturday exception: The lobby is open 8am and 12pm for pick up or drop off. We welcome guests to be picked up or dropped off any time within these hours with no additional fee.

Guests not checked out by closing time on the day of departure will need to pay for an additional night of boarding and be checked out the next day. Additionally, there will be a charge of one bedtime potty walk. We will do our very best to keep guests in their suites until parents pick them up, however, please understand that during the holiday and summer times when we are sold out, if guests are not picked up on the scheduled day of departure, they may need to be moved to a portable kennel and therefore require additional breaks.


Fetch Me Later wishes to honor military and first responders by offering a 15% discount on boarding. We are grateful for your service and are honored to serve you.

Stays of 14 nights or longer will receive 10% off boarding.

Stays of 28 nights or longer will receive 20% off all services.

Guests staying three nights or longer will receive a complementary bath on evening of departure.

Pet parents boarding more than three cats will receive a 10% discount.

Traveler's Club 10% off all services

Enrichment Options

Enrichment services are a great way to show your pup a little extra love and customize their stay as much as you’d like. Below are some of our offerings, however, if there is something else you think your pup would enjoy, just let us know! Enrichment services can be applied to either boarding or day camp guests.

1:1 individual play

This is your pup’s time, and we will entertain them however they’d please. This could be playing a game of fetch, frisbee, soccer, nature walk, cuddle time… anything our guests enjoy!

Bedtime potty break for non-indoor suites

For guests staying in our indoor/outdoor suites, we have an optional bedtime potty walk before they are tucked in for the night.

(Guests staying in indoor suites have a bedtime potty included at 10pm.)

Daily photo sent electronically to pet parents
Stuffed Kong
Licky Mat

(Great anxiety soother!)

Ice Cream
$12 per room
Pool Time

What is better than a refreshing splash in the pool on a warm summer’s day? (Or even cold day for some of our friends!)

$12 per family
Kitty Kuddles

Snuggly 1:1 time with our staff and your kitty. A member of our staff will sit and cuddle, brush and play with your kitty.

*per room/per family apply only if participating together

Day Camp

  • Dogs really are pack animals. Some love the physical interaction of playing with other dogs, while others are less interested in playing, but still benefit from being part of a pack. Whatever the case may be, rest assured, your pup will have the best time playing with like-minded (and sized) pals.
  • Fetch Me Later’s day camp program allows us to focus on satisfying both the physical and mental needs of each camper in our care. Our guests enjoy six sessions of play mixed with downtime to rest.
  • Available Monday – Friday by appointment only. Space is limited on Mondays, Fridays, and holiday periods so it is imperative to call ahead to ensure a spot.
  • Rates: $28 per day

Grooming Packages

Basic Bath

For dogs who just want the basics. Includes shampoo and blowdry.

Up to 20 pounds$30
20-60 pounds$35
Over 60 pounds$40

Basic Bath Plus

For longer-haired dogs who just want the basics. Includes shampoo, blowdry, and brush out.

Up to 20 pounds$35
20-60 pounds$40
Over 60 pounds$45

Deluxe Bath

For dogs who deserve a little extra pampering. Includes shampoo, conditioner, blowdry, mani/pedi, and ear cleaning

Up to 20 pounds$50
20-60 pounds$55
Over 60 pounds$60

Deluxe Bath Plus

For longer-haired dogs who love to be pampered. Includes shampoo, conditioner, blowdry, nails, ears, and brush out.

Up to 20 pounds$55
20-60 pounds$60
Over 60 pounds$65

Shed-less Bath

Perfect for medium to long-haired breeds who tend to shed, especially in spring and summer. Includes a deep cleaning followed by a thorough brush and blow out.

Up to 20 pounds$55
20-60 pounds$65
Over 60 pounds$75


Trim and file those long naills

$15 when added to another service (bath, boarding, etc)
$25 as stand-alone service

Custom Options

  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye stain removal
  • Brushing (per 10 min)
  • Teeth brushing
All custom options $13 added to selected bath service


We reserve the right to deny admittance to any pets lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or to pets displaying signs of health problems or aggressive behavior. We are not able to accept dogs with a history of aggression toward humans.


We welcome families to bring as much or as little as they’d like to ensure their pups have the most comfortable stay.

Want to make it easy on yourself and pack nothing? We can accommodate this! Each of our suites is furnished with a Kuranda Cot so our guests can sleep comfortably off the ground. We are happy to provide blankets and extra touches as guests seem to desire. If our guests seem chilly, we will ensure they have cozy bedding to tuck into. All bedding and cots are sanitized and fresh prior to your pup’s stay.

Some families prefer to bring all their pups favorites from home. Please feel free to do so; we will happily accommodate you! Guests are welcome to bring anything with them that they would like. They can bring toys, blankets, stuffies, pictures… you name it!

Whatever your preference, we will make sure our guests are comfy and enjoying their temperature-controlled suite in style.

We will wash bedding and toys brought from home to the extent reasonable. We will always be as careful as possible to keep belongings in great shape, however, we cannot accept responsibility for items that may be damaged during your pup’s stay.

Payments & Deposits

Fetch Me Later is happy to accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We do not accept checks. Cash is welcome for tips only.

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required on boarding reservations of 14 days or more

  • Payment in full is required on boarding reservations during holiday and spring break weeks

Deposits will be refunded if the following two conditions are met:

  1. Reservation is cancelled in writing a minimum of seven (7) days prior to your arrival date
  2. We can fill the reservation from our waitlist or by other means

Leash Policy

All dogs (regardless of their training) must be on a leash while on our property. This includes while entering and exiting our facility.  No exceptions.  This ensures the safety of your pup and others during your visit. 

Feeding & Treats

We encourage pet families to pack food from home for our guests. This helps our guests maintain their regular diet and can help ease anxiety. We are happy to accommodate feeding instructions provided by pet parents. However, if this is not the preference of the family, we are happy to provide our house dog food for an additional fee based on weight. 

< 20 lbs
$3 per day
21 < 50 lbs
$5 per day
51 < 85 lbs
$7 per day
> 85 lbs
$10 per day

* we reserve the right to provide a like quality food if our normal option is not available

We love to treat our guests to cookies before bed and goodies for awesome behavior. Pet parents should inform Fetch Me Later of any dietary restrictions so we can accommodate.

Guests who are staying in their own suites will be fed in their suites without direct staff supervision. For guests who are sharing a suite, pet parents have the option to request that we separate for feeding.

  • If separate feeding is requested, one guest will stay in the suite to feed, while other guests sharing the same room are placed temporarily in portable kennels for feeding (often times, the crate is placed in the suite). Once all guests sharing the same suite have finished eating, everyone will be returned to their suite/let out of their feeding crate and all food bowls/remnants removed.
  • If separate feeding is not requested, guests will be fed together in the suite. Once guests finish eating, all bowls/remnants will be removed.

Health and Vaccination Requirements

Effective for stays originating September 15th or after, Fetch Me Later will obtain veterinary records for each of its guests directly from the family’s veterinarian. We will keep records up to date, and remind families when vaccinations are coming due. We do require a veterinary release be signed to accomplish this.

The following vaccinations are required by all guests choosing to stay with us.

  • Rabies (1 or 3 year at vet and family’s discretion)
  • DHLPP or DHPP and Leptospirosis
  • Bordetella- every 6 months
  • Canine Flu – annually

*Please note: If there has been a time lapse between vaccine updates, then the following timelines apply:

  • Bordetella must be administered at least 72 hours in advance of boarding (intranasal or injection)
  • All other vaccines must be administered 14 days prior to stay.

*For any guests who have been recently adopted from a shelter, rescue or any other means by which history is generally not known, there is a mandatory 30-day waiting period prior to joining us at Fetch Me Later. We applaud and support families rescuing animals and providing a loving home, however because of the unknown history, we must error on the side of caution to ensure the safety of all of our guests to the best of our ability.

Flea & Tick Policy

Owners are responsible for keeping their pet(s) flea & tick free. Should we find evidence of fleas or ticks after drop off, we will perform a flea & tick bath immediately to inhibit an infestation within our facility. Additionally, we will administer a Capstar flea treatment. The cost for the bath and Capstar treatment is $75 which will be added to your invoice. Please understand, we can’t allow fleas to go untreated.

Medication Policy

We are happy to administer oral or topical medications or supplements to our guests at no additional fee. Medication must be in the original prescribed container with the prescription label attached and instructions clearly stated.

Need to download and print these policies?


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